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About Us

Adrienne (River Song, Sorrow) and Matthew (Garryle Embersoul, Darryle Embersoul) are happily married in real life, which is evident in the amount of crap they give each other.

Josh (Erebus Blackheart, Dave Meowthews) is Matthew's younger brother and takes alot of joy in making Garryle's life harder.

Chris (Topher Biznatch, Bard Simpson, DM) is the one to blame for our D&D obsession. He was the one willing to bring us into this fantasy world for our first time rolling the dice. While some thing's may get dark or difficult or tense, we will always have Chris to cook a fish for no reason.

Corey (Lazarus Kragg, Burt Greynolds, Shelby Beakers, DM) is the most prominent DM in the podcast. He has helped write and create the show to get to where it is today. He does his best working with the players to ensure they get input into how the story should progress and their characters be represented. He does the editing and podcast maintence to make sure the show is available to those who want to listen.


Message from Corey:

I am incredibly thankful to play this game with these friends I have had since High School. I have played music with members, laughed at lunch tables and now played a game that means so much to me. I listen and relisten to episodes to make sure the story progresses truthfully to the characters because I want to make sure the players and our audience can be surprised, happy, sad and feel victorious right along with us. Even if one person out there is listening I will continue to work hard to bring the best product I can to your beautiful, beautiful ears. I want to thank you for coming here and (hopefully) listening to us as we figure out this game that become so engrained in my DNA. I love you all... and to Adrienne, Matt, Josh and Chris... one of these days I will kill you.


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