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Player Characters


Race: Genasi (Fire)

Alignment: Neutral Good

Class/Background: Wizard Sage

Age: 19  Height: 6’2″  

Weight: 235lbs  Eye Color: Teal 

Skin: Crimson with Scar/Tattoo lines all over  

Hair: White and spikey with slight pomp 

When it comes to students of magic, no one is on the same level as Garryle Embersoul. His curiosity and thirst for knowledge is unmatched to his advantage and disadvantage. The first wizard of his family went to the prestigious school known as Hagworts. He found friendship and a mentor in the Head Master Malbus Smartledore. Garryle has potential, but as Smartledore is concerned, it could do great feats of good… or evil.



Race: Wood Elf     

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Class/Background: Druid Hermit

Age: Unknown  Height: 5'9”   

Eye Color: Brown  Hair: Brown

Not much is known about River’s family. Raised as a child in the woods and found by a group of Dwarves she was adopted. A death in her new family pushed River to search for solitude as she lived as a hermit for many years. She happend across some dark magic and the forest around her grew sick. Looking for answers she ventured into towns and happend across a bar where she met a half-orc and a wizard. Her path was changed forever and the lone wolf found her pack.


Race: Wood Elf     

Alignment: Neutral Good

Class/Background: Ranger

Age: 300   Height: 6′  

Weight: 165 lbs  Eye Color: Blue 

Skin: White  Hair: Brown

Topher is always home because his home is the forest. A leading member of the Hunter’s Guild he has a strong moral compass that leads him to adventure to help those in need and keep balance across the land, much to the disappointment and fear of his Guild Leader Oakenfold. Salacious in humor and his weakness to women has been a problem for him, but his dedication to friends and doing the right thing make him valuable company. When times are stressful, his laid back demeanor and expectation that opportunity will present itself helps give perspective to those around him… or annoy them.


Race: Dragonborn     

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Class/Background: Fighter Sailor

Age: 37  Height: 6'4”  

Weight:315lbs  Eye Color: Silver  

Scales: Greenish Blue Shimmer  

Hair: Spiked Scales

Life on the sea was good for Erebus “The Reaper” Blackheart before a mutiny took him from his legacy as a feared pirate. He reluctantly became a key part in saving the land he pillaged during his quest for revenge against the crew that wronged him. A quest that took him to hell and back.


Race: Half Orc-Half Human     

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Class/Background: Barbarian Outlander

Age: 51  Height: 7’0″  

Weight: 380 lbs  Eye Color: Steely Blue  

Skin: Dark Gray  Hair: None

A warrior with a tragic past. A wife and five children destroyed by his own hands. A sorcerer dead at his feet after a cave in. Magic was used to control Lazarus and send him a rampage to destroy his family and tribe dwelling in a cave. The resulting chaos leaving Lazarus alone, left to dig out of this mass grave he created. Left with nothing he travels from town to town, looking for battles to join and be slain in. So he may die with honor that was taken from him. Destiny led him into the company of a wizard and a druid as he began a quest with what would become his dearest friends. But he had no idea what part he would play in protecting the world from an ultimate evil… and what he will sacrifice.


Race: Wood Elf    

Alignment: Neutral

Class/Background: Rogue Assassin/Fighter

Age: 342  Height: 6’1″  

Weight: 185lbs  Eye Color: Brown  

Skin: Pale White  Hair: Black

From a famous family of thieves rose Burt. Trained by his father to become a rogue prodigy. Though as he got older he was unable to crawl out of his parents shadow and betrayed them to open his way to fame. He was cast out of his family and was found by a Guild Leader for Assassins. Burt learned the hard way what it takes to be an expert assassin, but he grew in his role to become one of the best. Living in moral grays most of his life he comes across a group of heroes that make him realize, maybe things are more black and white then they seem.


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